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 August 2015 What Are You Waiting For

The message for this month is "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR". Our choices and decisions on receiving God's Word are very important to each one of us. We must apply God's word to our hearts, mind and souls then receive Him and ask God into our hearts and lives. It is a very important choice my friend, what about you "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR". One of the words that keep many people from being Born Again is the word TOMORROW. Tomorrow may be to late. Or "WHEN I GET AROUND TO IT" Today as you are reading this message this would be a good day to make that choice.

November 2015 What Will You Do With Jesus

This month’s message is “What Will You Do With Jesus”, will you receive Him as you Lord and Savior or will you turn Him away. This is the day ,the time and the hour to hear and receive the very Word of God and believe it and call upon His name and be born again into the Kingdom of heaven.

December 2015 The Birth of Jesus

The message for this month is about The Birth Of Jesus and how God's Holy Word in the book of Luke gives us the story of His Son. May God bless this message and bless those that read it.